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Our business is to make your business look good.

At our Photographic Studio in Thetford, we specialise in digital photograghy and media. Producing the finest, cleanest shots of your products is our mission.

Your packshots represent your products and your business materiaised on the web.

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Digital Shots

We have the equipment and expertise to create the finest product photos at high definition, in various formats.

Custom Formats

Some shots require something special - drop shadows, coloured backgrounds, glow filters and anything you may require can be produced at our studio using our top notch photograpic equipment and the latest image processing software.

360 Degree Sliders and animated shots

For the Ultimate web hosted product shots, allow your customers to see your products in all their glory with rotation and zooming.


What we do

We are focused on delivering the best possible to service to clients, to make your business run smoothly and your product lines outshine the competition.

Digital Shots

Making your products stand out from the competition, our shots are clean, bright and detailed.

Custom Enhancement

Various filters and effects can be applied in our post processing suite to enhance the products so that they capture the eye and the imagination.

Added Value

Control your budget with our volume discounts and bespoke shipping.


Proper branding can ehance and promte your product lines. Now your branding can appear on your pack shots and the product itself, to five it a unique added value.

Work process

How we work

Our Process is simple, fast and always quality focused

Image description

Discuss Options

First step is to contact us - depending on your location and logistics you can either send your products for packshots to us directly, or we can arrange our own shipping and give you a quote over the phone / by email. If you elect to use our shipping, please have dimesions and weight of the individual products ready.


Ship Products

Our shipping process includes tracking, or if you are sending them using your own means, we'll provide a checked manifest by email as a reciept of the products.

Image description

Product Installation

Each type of product may require different placement / hanging. Our facility can display more complex arrangements including Ghost Dummies for clothing products.



Our well equiped studio can handle any product and we can accomodate different backgrounds and effects.

Post Processing

Once the Photos have been taken they will be uploaded to our server where you can access them. We'll send you a secure link that you can access with your email and password.


Price range by number of Photos

Prices below are per photo, the higher the volume, the lower the price of each photo.

1 - 5 Photos
6 - 10 Photos
11 - 50 Photos
51 - 100 Photos
100 - 250 Photos
250+ Photos


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